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Re: Native build...

Johnny Billquist writes:
> Greg Oster wrote:
> > Could folks please add these sorts of additional details to this PR:
> [...]
> Looking through those PRs, it appears that very little is done to keep 
> this up to date. Is there a point to even write PRs?

Well... a standard response to issues that get reported or complained 
about is "Did you file a PR?"... So if that is done, it's one less
excuse for developers not knowing about the issue ;)

> #18483, for instance. That error looked so familiar, and sure enough, it 
> has been fixed as far as I can tell. And if I remember right, it's been 
> quite a while since it was fixed.

If you can verify it's fixed, I'll close the PR....

> As for 5.0, it also seems to go catatonic on me regularly when running 
> on my 4000/90. Anyone else noticed something like this?

All I've attempted to do with netbsd-5 on my 4000/60 so far is to 
build.sh a release...  that died some 26 hours later, and I havn't 
played with the box much since...

> I'm just doing a native build, and the machine totally goes silent on me 
> for a while, and then wakes up again, with no sign or clue on why it was 
> quiet.

Hmm.. never noticed that sort of behaviour before, but I just started 
a build and only checked in on it once or twice... 


Greg Oster

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