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Re: Native build...

Greg Oster wrote:
Johnny Billquist writes:
Greg Oster wrote:
Johnny Billquist writes:
#18483, for instance. That error looked so familiar, and sure enough, it has been fixed as far as I can tell. And if I remember right, it's been quite a while since it was fixed.
If you can verify it's fixed, I'll close the PR....
I just tried it on my 4000/90 as by the PR, and it worked. Ie. no crash as described on the PR, but instead got the expected result.

Thanks.  I've closed the PR.

While you're at it, you can close #38869 as well. I've just verified that dig/nslookup don't crash either.

As for 5.0, it also seems to go catatonic on me regularly when running on my 4000/90. Anyone else noticed something like this?
All I've attempted to do with netbsd-5 on my 4000/60 so far is to build.sh a release... that died some 26 hours later, and I havn't played with the box much since...
Hmm. If you try to do something while it's building, you should see what I'm seeing, if the problem isn't something local to me.

I assume that the crash was the usual groff crashes just mentioned, by the way.


I'm pretty sure I've talked about those on this mailing list in the past, so if someone wants to know how old this problem is, I think a search through the archives should give a clue.

And usual, a "workaround" is just to restart the build, with -u. But you'll need to do it about six times before you're past the problematic spot.

Yes... I recall doing that ages ago too...


I'm just doing a native build, and the machine totally goes silent on me for a while, and then wakes up again, with no sign or clue on why it was quiet.
Hmm.. never noticed that sort of behaviour before, but I just started a build and only checked in on it once or twice...
I tend to do more things meanwhile, such as running top, system, and occasionally try other things in parallel.

I sometimes run top for a bit, but, given that it's going to take it weeks to complete, I usually try to give it all the cycles it can get! :) (I havn't tried simh recently to see how well that fares... )

Haven't tried simh either. Not as much fun. :-)
But I'll gladly sacrifice a few cycles to press the machine a little extra to see what other ugly bugs might rear the ugly butts. :-)


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