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Re: Native build...

Greg Oster wrote:
hbent%cs.oberlin.edu@localhost writes:
On Wed, November 26, 2008 3:26 pm, Johnny Billquist wrote:
hbent%cs.oberlin.edu@localhost wrote:
On Wed, November 26, 2008 11:39 am, Johnny Billquist wrote:

pic: Unsupported relocation type 168 in non-PLT relocations

grops: Unsupported relocation type 136 in non-PLT relocations
I've seen these "unsupported relocation type" errors when trying to run
large cross-compiled programs.  I figured there was a problem with my
cross-compiling setup, but perhaps that's not the case.
Nope. That's a problem that have been around for a long time (atleast
four years, and probably longer. I can't even remember anymore).
The only places I've seen it is with groff.
I've suspected something in c++ for a long time, but I plainly can't get
my head around gcc (a combination of too little time also contributes...).
I'm seeing it in glib 2.18.2 which doesn't have any c++ code.  Running
gtester gives "gtester: Unsupported relocation type 232 in non-PLT
relocations" and gobject-query gives "gobject-query: Unsupported
relocation type 72 in non-PLT relocations".

I am using netbsd's patched gcc 4.1.3 with stock binutils 2.19.  Perhaps I
will switch to netbsd's binutils to see if that makes a difference.

Could folks please add these sorts of additional details to this PR:


Hopefully that'll help whoever ends up looking at the issue...

(And yes, I'd like to see vax self-hosting for 5.0... right now a cross-built netbsd-5 for vax can't build itself natively...)


It's even worse.
I tried booting 5.0_BETA on an 8650 today, and it don't work at all.
The code that detects the hardware have broken. Looking at the repository, I think that Matt's "rototoll of the vax" could be the cause. If nothing else, his changes brought NetBSD back into a state of mismatch with reality with regards to the 86x0 machines, since he removed the Abus stuff that I clubbed together many many moons ago. (NetBSD now once more thinks that the SBI is the main bus of an 86x0 machine, which it isn't.)

Anyway. Booting 5.0 on the 8650 fails to find the UDA50 on which the system disk sits, which is on the first Unibus of the machine (yes, it has more than one Unibus).
So, obviously, I can't get any further.


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