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Re: Installing -current - RZ28 bad sectors

On Tue, 4 Nov 2008, Anders Magnusson wrote:

Johnny Billquist wrote:
Charles H Dickman wrote:
So, do RZ28 do any kind of bad sector replacement internally? If the
answer is yes, then the disk is dead. If not how is this handled? I
don't see to many disk scanning utilities in NetBSD.

It's a normal SCSI drive. SCSI do bad block replacement internally.
It might be worth to try and reformat the drive, but otherwise it's toast.

Depending on where the read error is, it might be possible to use badsect to
avoid using the bad sector.

  Just use scsictl reassign?

Also, I don't think scsi drives do bad block replacement on reads unless they are able to recover the data. Bad block replacement is controlled through one of the scsi mode pages, and could be disabled on the RZ28. I
don't have one handy to check at the moment, but I'm pretty sure I've got
some around someplace.

  I've used dd to scan disks looking for unreadable blocks, and then used
dd to write the single bad block, which will sometimes cause bad block replacement to occur. If the errors persist, I have used scsi reassing at

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