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Re: panic: uvm_unmap_remove: has mapping

> Ok, I think I found it.  To quote the VARM, "the P0LR contains the
> size of the P0PT in longwords, that is, the number of page table
> entries."  IIRC this means that first entry is at offset 0, and the
> last entry in the table is at offset P0LR-1.

That matches my own recollection from when I was hacking code at that
level on the VAX.

>       sva = PG_PFNUM(va);
>       if (va < 0x40000000) {
>               if (sva > (pmap->pm_p0lr & ~AST_MASK))

> I think the 3rd line should be changed to:

>               if (sva >= (pmap->pm_p0lr & ~AST_MASK))

For what it's worth, I think you're right.  (The code just below, for
P1 space, appears to be right.)

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