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Re: UltraSPARC III... Stability issue ?

>> (gdb) disass 0x101017c
>> Dump of assembler code for function data_miss:

>>    0x0000000001010178 <+120>:   ldxa  [ %g6 ] #ASI_PHYS_USE_EC, %g4
>>    0x000000000101017c <+124>:   brgez,pn   %g4, 0x10101b8 <data_nfo>
>>    0x0000000001010180 <+128>:   or  %g4, 0x200, %g7

> There's no way that's the faulting instruction.  There's either some
> sort of mismatch between the kernel you're running and the one you
> disassembled, or the faulting address is not really 0x101017c.

It occurs to me that a fault on the ldxa could occur late and show the
next instruction's address, in a heavily pipelined machine.  I don't
know whether any sparc64s fit that description, and I don't know what
ASI_PHYS_USE_EC space's semantics are, but it might be worth at least a
quick look at %g6, if the value as of the fault is available....

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