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Re: UltraSPARC III... Stability issue ?

matthew green a écrit :
        I have seen another crash when I have tried to rebuild -current from
sources (-j 4). System doesn't reboot (hangs on openboot prompt) and
'resume' only answers 'fast data mmu miss'. I have in dmesg :

data error type 32 sfsr=808000 sfva=40cea070 afsr=100000000000
afva=472636d83a0 tf=0x1644a7ed0
data fault: pc=101017c addr=40cea070 sfsr=0x808000<ASI=0x80>
Skipping crash dump on recursive panic
panic: kernel fault
cpu0: Begin traceback...
cpu0: End traceback...
cpu1: shutting down
cpu0: rebooting

yeah, this looks like the same problem i saw once so far.

        On OBP, after crash, I have seen an autocompletion feature I've never
seen before.

addr2line -e netbsd.gdb 101017c

you can try gdb to give better info.

(gdb) disass 0x101017c

(gdb) disass 0x101017c
Dump of assembler code for function data_miss:
   0x0000000001010100 <+0>:     mov  0x30, %g3  ! 0x30
   0x0000000001010104 <+4>:     sethi  %hi(0x1c00), %g6
   0x0000000001010108 <+8>:     ldxa  [ %g3 ] #ASI_DMMU, %g3
   0x000000000101010c <+12>:    sethi  %hi(0xe0018000), %g4
   0x0000000001010110 <+16>:    or  %g6, 0x3ff, %g6
   0x0000000001010114 <+20>:    ldx  [ %g4 + 0x3b0 ], %g4
   0x0000000001010118 <+24>:    srax  %g3, 0x2b, %g5
   0x000000000101011c <+28>:    and  %g3, %g6, %g6
   0x0000000001010120 <+32>:    inc  %g5
   0x0000000001010124 <+36>:    sllx  %g6, 3, %g6
   0x0000000001010128 <+40>:    ldx  [ %g4 + %g6 ], %g4
   0x000000000101012c <+44>:    srlx  %g3, 0x21, %g6
   0x0000000001010130 <+48>:    cmp  %g5, 1
   0x0000000001010134 <+52>:    bgu,pn   %xcc, 0x10101d4 <winfix>
   0x0000000001010138 <+56>:    srlx  %g3, 0x17, %g5
   0x000000000101013c <+60>:    and  %g6, 0x3ff, %g6
   0x0000000001010140 <+64>:    sll  %g6, 3, %g6
   0x0000000001010144 <+68>:    and  %g5, 0x3ff, %g5
   0x0000000001010148 <+72>:    sll  %g5, 3, %g5
   0x000000000101014c <+76>:    add  %g6, %g4, %g4
   0x0000000001010150 <+80>:    ldxa  [ %g4 ] #ASI_PHYS_USE_EC, %g4
   0x0000000001010154 <+84>:    srlx  %g3, 0xd, %g6
   0x0000000001010158 <+88>:    and  %g6, 0x3ff, %g6
---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---
   0x000000000101015c <+92>:    add  %g5, %g4, %g5
   0x0000000001010160 <+96>:    brz,pn   %g4, 0x10101b8 <data_nfo>
   0x0000000001010164 <+100>:   nop
   0x0000000001010168 <+104>:   ldxa  [ %g5 ] #ASI_PHYS_USE_EC, %g4
   0x000000000101016c <+108>:   sll  %g6, 3, %g6
   0x0000000001010170 <+112>:   brz,pn   %g4, 0x10101b8 <data_nfo>
   0x0000000001010174 <+116>:   add  %g6, %g4, %g6
   0x0000000001010178 <+120>:   ldxa  [ %g6 ] #ASI_PHYS_USE_EC, %g4
   0x000000000101017c <+124>:   brgez,pn   %g4, 0x10101b8 <data_nfo>
   0x0000000001010180 <+128>:   or  %g4, 0x200, %g7
   0x0000000001010184 <+132>:   btst  0x200, %g4
   0x0000000001010188 <+136>:   bne  %xcc, 0x10101a0 <data_miss+160>
   0x000000000101018c <+140>:   nop
   0x0000000001010190 <+144>:   casxa  [ %g6 ] #ASI_PHYS_USE_EC, %g4, %g7
   0x0000000001010194 <+148>:   cmp  %g4, %g7
   0x0000000001010198 <+152>:   bne,pn   %xcc, 0x1010178 <data_miss+120>
   0x000000000101019c <+156>:   or  %g4, 0x200, %g4
   0x00000000010101a0 <+160>:   stx  %g1, [ %g2 ]
   0x00000000010101a4 <+164>:   stx  %g4, [ %g2 + 8 ]
   0x00000000010101a8 <+168>:   stxa  %g4, [ %g0 ] #ASI_DTLB_DATA_IN
   0x00000000010101ac <+172>:   membar  #Sync
   0x00000000010101b0 <+176>:   retry
   0x00000000010101b4 <+180>:   sir  0
End of assembler dump.


(gdb) l *(0x101017c)

(gdb) l *(0x101017c)

        Nothing at 0x101017c ?



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