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Re: V240 and V440 servers

On Mar 20, 2010, at 14:11, Chris Ross wrote:
On Mar 20, 2010, at 05:17, Dima Veselov wrote:
internal disks (mpt driver) don't work (see also kern/42870)

My cas(4) interface had no problem after netbooting.

As for disks - kernel report 53c1020/53c1030 Symbios Logic, but mpt(4) support
LSI 53c1020/1030. Are they the same?

Yes, they are the same. The mpt(4) driver needs to be ported/ adapted to run on multiple byte-orders, as it appears to have been coded in a little-endian specific way.

This is referenced in and open PR, kern/42870, reported when I tried to add an mpt PCI card to my Quad US-II machine, to find this same issue.

So, as a lark, in spare time and skill I don't have enough of either of, I've started looking at pulling the OpenBSD mpi(4) driver into NetBSD. In case there's someone else with time to look at it, and presumedly more skill at adapting drivers into the NetBSD kernel, feel free to contribute work and/or advice.

On that note, are there any recent write-ups on how to port a driver from OpenBSD or FreeBSD to NetBSD? Or, does that just require knowing enough about "how it all fits together" to make it work?

(I've done device driver work in BSD kernels, *many* years ago, but am well behind on the details of what has been going on in NetBSD in recent years, so I'm finding myself looking at a lot of other things just to get a frame...)

                       - Chris

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