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Re: V240 and V440 servers

> > Hi! I've managed to run NetBSD-current on Sun Fire V240 and V440 servers.
> > In common I see V240 is much more supported, than V440. If some developer
> > need - I can provide some details or access to that boxes.
> I have also tried on a V440.  The problems that we currently have are:
>   network booting makes the boot interface unusable (use another interface
>     for root and then use drvctl to detach/re-attach the boot interface)
>   internal disks (mpt driver) don't work (see also kern/42870)
>   the clock will lose time under load
>   4-way sparc64 boxes eventually hang
> I need to find some spare time to look at the first two.  I hope someone else
> can fix the others ;-)

My cas(4) interface had no problem after netbooting. 

As for disks - kernel report 53c1020/53c1030 Symbios Logic, but mpt(4) support 
LSI 53c1020/1030. Are they the same?

V440 box (two-way) stopped responding after a night of doing nothing :) V240 
doing fine, but have to reset on "unmounting file systems".

And one thing more - I found V240 booting from harddisk can't find root and 
I have to enter it on each stage.

{1} ok boot disk2:netbsd
Rebooting with command: boot disk2:netbsd                             
Boot device: /pci@1c,600000/scsi@2/disk@2,0:netbsd  File and args: 
NetBSD IEEE 1275 Multi-FS Bootblock
Version $NetBSD: bootblk.fth,v 1.12 2010/03/11 19:28:55 eeh Exp $
>> NetBSD/sparc64 OpenFirmware Boot, Revision 1.15
devopen: search_label returned Cannot read label


Boot: disk2:a netbsd
Loading netbsd: 7522896+357688+445704 [567552+365948]=0x9a8930

[...Later that day...]

Kernelized RAIDframe activated                                                
root on sd0f dumps on sd0b    
vfs_mountroot: can't open root device
cannot mount root, error = 6         
root device (default sd0f): sd0a
dump device (default sd0b):     
file system (default generic): 


Sincerelly yours

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