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CG14 with xrender ( was Re: CG14 in 8-bit color )


On Fri, 4 Mar 2022 00:00:10 -0800
foo bar <tokenalt%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:

> > > However in the process of testing this patch I found a few programs
> > > will cause the X server to seg fault. The easiest one to trigger it
> > > is netsurf where all you have to do is move the cursor to the refresh
> > > button next to the address bar and it will instantly seg fault the
> > > server. I rebuilt the xserver without the patch and it has this issue
> > > as well so it does not look like a new problem. X log below.  
> >
> > Does this still happen with xrender acceleration disabled?  
> Sorry I thought I put that in the post but no it does not happen with
> xrender disabled.

I finally had time to sit down and look at this. Turns out gtk3 is
doing some quite strange things I didn't see other toolkits do, which
the driver didn't expect. I'll have to read up on what exactly things
like PictOpSrc with no source operand but a mask are supposed to do.
For now I committed a workaround which simply defers all PictOpSrc
operations to software. With this gtk3 buttons are still somewhat
glitchy but at least we don't crash anymore.

have fun

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