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Re: CG14 in 8-bit color

Hello all,

Sorry for not replying to the original email as I was not on the list
at the time. So I've been testing the new sx driver for a bit and I
have some good and bad news to report. First in 8bit mode it seems to
work fine on my machine with everything I've tried. Testing was a bit
limited since a lot of modern software doesn't support 8bit displays
but nothing I tried showed any problems specific to the driver with
one exception. The program rendercheck in pkgsrc will cause the
xserver to instantly crash when doing the composite test in both 8bit
and 24bit modes. The bad news is that 24bit mode now has some image
corruption on the bottom of the screen. Roughly a 110 pixel tall strip
along the bottom gets garbled whenever any window uses acceleration.
This hardware works fine in 24bit mode under netbsd 9.2 and solaris so
this is a new issue. Attached a dmesg below.

Thanks for any help.

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