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Re: Javastation-1 [was Re: What's GENERIC32?]

On Sep 4, 20:04, Mouse wrote:
} >> Teal deer: a case of PEBKAC - this actually didn't belong on
} >> port-sparc64 to begin with.
} > If I remember correctly, the original JavaStation was based on a
} > MicroSPARC II CPU, so it would be the cousin of a SparcStation 4 &
} > 5...
} I just opened my JavaStation (JavaStation 1, according to the case) and
} the CPU is indeed marked "MicroSPARC II" (and "STP1012PGA" and
} "MB86904").  (I don't have any 4s or 5s out of storage to compare that
} to, but I have no reason to doubt you.)

     As luck would have it, there is a SparcStation 5 sitting on
a shelf behind me, so it was easy enough to grab it and pop the
cover (I forgot how heavy that thing is, it's built like a tank).
As luck would also have it, there is a fan and heatsink on top of
the CPU, so I wasn't able to read the label.  Unfortunately, I
don't have anything setup to be able to easily plug it in so I
couldn't check the dmesg.

}-- End of excerpt from Mouse

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