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Re: Javastation-1 [was Re: What's GENERIC32?]

[Cc and Reply-To to port-sparc in an attempt to move this there; it
never really belonged on port-sparc64.]

>> Teal deer: a case of PEBKAC - this actually didn't belong on
>> port-sparc64 to begin with.
> If I remember correctly, the original JavaStation was based on a
> MicroSPARC II CPU, so it would be the cousin of a SparcStation 4 &
> 5...

I just opened my JavaStation (JavaStation 1, according to the case) and
the CPU is indeed marked "MicroSPARC II" (and "STP1012PGA" and
"MB86904").  (I don't have any 4s or 5s out of storage to compare that
to, but I have no reason to doubt you.)

> which NetBSD supports well, at least, 8.1 and 9.1 which are my last
> upgrades, I will this fall attempt to upgrade them and see.

As I indicated upthread, a sparc (32) kernel I had at ready hand failed
setting up the console ("invalid inSource=0xffffffff"), but that means
little, because that was a 1.4T-based kernel and, looking at historical
sparc/INSTALL.txt files, JS-1 support doesn't show up until 1.5.1.

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