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Re: OpenSSL issues with 9.2

Hello all,

On Tue, 13 Jul 2021 16:19:47 +0900 (JST),
Nobuyoshi SATO <nobu-s%iwate-pu.ac.jp@localhost> wrote:

> So, I changed bn.inc to avoid to use bn-sparc.S in sun4m and sun4c
> as following, this works well in my SS20:
> ---8<-------8<----
> .if ${MACHINE} == "sparc64"
> # XXX bn-sparcv8plus.S doesn't work well. why?
> BN_SRCS = bn-sparcv8.S
> AFLAGS.bn-sparcv8.S+= -Wa,-Av9
> .endif
> .include "../../bn.inc"
> ---8<-------8<----
> In addition, crypto.inc also has similar change that
> .if ${MACHINE} == "sparc64" is removed and some sparcv9 codes
> are used, however, this seem to have no bad effect at least
> in the SS20.

This is my mistake. Using 9.2's crypto.inc seem to result evil
CPU lock up when accepting ssh connection and STOP+A is needed
to recover. So please ****do not try**** only changes of bn.inc

Now trying crypto.inc as following:
CPUID = yes
CPUID_SRCS += sparccpuid.S sparcv9cap.c

.if ${MACHINE} == "sparc64"
CPUID_SRCS += sparcv9-mont.S sparcv9a-mont.S 
CPUID_SRCS += sparct4-mont.S vis3-mont.S
AFLAGS.sparcv9-mont.S+= -Wa,-Av9
AFLAGS.sparcv9a-mont.S+= -Wa,-Av9a
AFLAGS.sparct4-mont.S+= -Wa,-Av9a
AFLAGS.vis3-mont.S+= -Wa,-Av9a

.include "../../crypto.inc"

Note that in 9.1, sparccap.c is used instead of sparcv9cap.c. 
Result of above crypto.inc and sparccap.c/sparcv9cap.c will be
reported later.

Lecturer / Faculty of Software & Info. Sci., Iwate Prefectural Univ., Japan
Nobuyoshi Sato, Ph.D / nobu-s%iwate-pu.ac.jp@localhost / +81-19-694-2612

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