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Re: Can't boot SS2 from CD with 8.0, 8.1, 8.99

Hi all,

> what is the version of your firmware (reported on the console on
> power-on/reset)? Years ago I had the same problem
> with my SS2 (see NetBSD bug report #37080 --- same symptoms, same error
> message); it went away when I upgraded
> the firmware of my SS2 from version 2.2 to the latest and greatest
> version for the SS2, version 2.9.

Would anyone be interested in trying to find out the exact problem so that
we can work around it?  Looking at the diffs:


the problematic code is almost certainly the block starting at line 207
in r1.19 where we read from the disk.  Adding a printf() before each line
in that block might give a clue as to exactly what is failing.  Knowing
that, there might be a fix, or maybe just a workaround to not try the RAID
boot on old sun4c PROM versions.



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