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Re: /etc/disktab on vax

On 06/25/2012 08:41 PM, ..I'd rather be coding ASM! wrote:
>>  Oh c'mon, that IPX could've been jammed into your luggage! ;)
> I'm with Dave on this one. At the very least save the mobo+psu. If you
> can track down an 80Mhz weitek  "PowerUP!" cpu and associated PROM, the
> IPX's and SparcStation2's will rock past a classic performance wise.
> Also the mobo's will without much effort fit into a classic's case
> (stealth mod?)
> Definitely worth saving Sun4c's. I have a fujitsu brand IPX with one
> still running happily here at home.

  I was happy to be able to rescue a pair of IPXs from the local
university surplus place about a month ago.  I was pleasantly surprised
to see them coming out of production this late!

  I agree about the PowerUP! chips.  I've always said that they were the
closest thing to "something for nothing" that occurs in this industry.
It reminds me of the old NEC V20 drop-in replacement for the 8088.
About a 10-25% speedup depending on instruction mix, and it had a neat
8080 compatibility mode also.  Neat stuff, and great memories!


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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