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Re: sun4c (Was /etc/disktab on vax)

>> Do many people have active NetBSD sun4c machines?

I don't know about "many".  I thought I did but it turns out I was
wrong; my house nameserver is a lunchbox SPARC, but, on checking, it
turns out it's a Classic - sun4m - rather than an LX or IPX (or IPC).

It certainly could have been an IPX, though.  I suspect the main reason
I used a Classic for it is that the Classic has a cg3 for a
framebuffer, so I prefer to use them in preference to LXes or IPXes,
which have (significantly more capable) cg6s.

The other two sparc64 machines I have in live use right now are SS20s,
which definitely are sun4m rather than sun4c.  (Under NetBSD I tend to
lose track of the sun4c/sun4m distinction.)

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