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Re: /etc/disktab on vax

On 6/25/12 4:10 AM, David Brownlee wrote:
(Cross posted to port-sparc)

On 24 June 2012 20:31, Mouse <mouse%rodents-montreal.org@localhost> wrote:
Actually, alanp%snowmoose.com@localhost wrote:
I hope support for my old VAX is still around when I finally get
around to get it running again.  Linux just removed support for some
of the older SPARC systems that I collect.
That would be sun4c? Linux never really ran very well on it - they did
a much better job on sun4m and later.
Yes, sun4c.  All of that code was removed a few weeks ago.

I collect lunchbox systems. I run a mix of Solaris, RedHat (you could once buy RedHat SPARC in end-user packaging) and *BSD on them.

I would not expect NetBSD/sparc sun4c support to be an issue going forward :)
This is good.

Unfortunately I had to leave my IPX in the states when I came back to
the UK, (but if anyone knows of one available). I still have my
classic, but thats a sun4m.
They definitely become available over there. Are you on the suns-at-home mailing list?


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