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NetBSD/sparc running on qemu

with the fixes I commited yesterday to pkgsrc's qemu package, NetBSD/sparc
5.0.1 is running fine in qemu-system-sparc, with disk and network
access. The speed is really good, probably faster than some of the sun4m
we support. With the just-commited apc(4) driver enabled, host CPU useage is
very low when the virtual machine is idle.

One oddity is that the clock and TOD in the virtual machine seems to run
too slow by a factor of 2.
A 'date; sleep 10; date' in the sparc virtual machine show 10s between
the 2 dates commands, but it really took 20s to run.
The same 'date; sleep 10; date' in a NetBSD/i386 qemu virtual machine
also needs 20s to run (which looks like an issue with qemu in the
first place) but the time of day printed by date is correct (there is
a 20s difference between the 2 dates). Anyone have an idea what could
cause this difference of behavior between NetBSD/i386 and
NetBSD/sparc ? I guess i386 reads the TOD for each date command
while sparc reads it only at boot ?
I could live with sleep being 2x slower as long as the date stay correct ...

Manuel Bouyer <bouyer%antioche.eu.org@localhost>
     NetBSD: 26 ans d'experience feront toujours la difference

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