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Summer Workshops: Creativity and Memoir

Workshops in New York and Europe

Creativity Workshops in Crete, Prague, Florence and Dublin

Memoir Workshop in Prague

From $1,850 including tuition and housing
3 graduate level University credits available

New York: April 18 - 21 -- June 6 - 9
Crete: June 24 - July 2
Prague: July 3 - 11
Florence July 14 - 22
Dublin July 22 - 30

Prague: July 3 - 11

Workshops in New York: $750, tuition only.
Workshops in Europe from $1,850 including tuition and housing.

The Creativity Workshop uses Writing, Drawing, Storytelling, and Memoir
as tools to explore and develop creativity. The Workshop is designed to
help you find new sources of inspiration, break through creative blocks,
take pleasure in your imagination, give yourself the permission, time,
and encouragement to do creative work, and develop a daily practice to
accomplish these goals. The workshop was founded in 1993 and it has
helped individuals from all backgrounds and experiences explore the
uniqueness of their imagination in all endeavors. We teach from the
point of view that people are by nature creative and that creativity,
like DNA, is different in each individual.

The only requirements for the Creativity Workshop are curiosity about
your creative process and a sense of playfulness. Class size is limited.
Reserve your space in advance. Classes meet 3 1/2 hours per day. The
Workshop is useful in business, education, the arts, and personal
development. Teachers and college students can also get 3 university
credits taking any of these workshops for an additional fee.

For more information go directly to our
extensive informational site:

To hear what past participants say about the Creativity Workshop
experience, please go to:

The Creativity Workshop has been taught to employees of educational,
corporate, cultural and governmental institutions throughout the world,
including: Corporate and Business
Johnson&Johnson - JP Morgan Chase - Procter & Gamble - Sloan Kettering
Hospital - Sprint PCS - The Walt Disney Company - The Connection for
Women and Families - The Nature Conservancy and many others.
For more companies go to:
Educational Institutions
New York and California public school systems - Brown University -
Columbia University and many others.
For more institutions go to:


Vivian Glusman, Administrative Associate

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