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Re: -current or -netbsd-4 ?

On Sat, Apr 12, 2008 at 20:27:00 +0200, Joel CARNAT wrote:

> I'm on my way to put my Plextor PX-EH40L (landisk) back in business.
> Last time I tried (around July 2007) it had quite poor network
> performance and high CPU load (with big FTP transfer).
> Did significant things happened to the source since then (~4.99.22) ?
> Is it worth installing -current on /landisk or is it the same than
> -netbsd-4 ?

Current should be faster, but I'm not sure how much faster.  Current
on all platforms benefited from Andy's work on SMP &co and also has
few minor things not pulled up to netbsd-4 yet (e.g. cache flush
routines don't have to run on P2 - so system time goes down quite a
bit for e.g.  compile jobs).

Another thing is that instead of rtk(4) it should be possible to use
re(4) that supports 8139C+ chip found in landisk, which should get you
better network perfromance, but last time I tried it )with my nfs-root
usl-5p) it would wedge.  Unfortunately I didn't have time to

> And BTW, the daily process seem to not build /landisk automatically.
> Is this correct or did I miss the release ?

Currently netbsd releng build farm only has amd64 machines.
Unfortunately there's a bug in sh3 gcc that prevents it from compiling
as a cross-compiler on 64-bit hosts, so all-64-bit releng farm can't
build any of sh3 ports. :(

SY, Uwe
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