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Re: Which vendor or type of Disk, CD, Floppy is good for sandpoint X3 (Altimus X3 -MPC7410)

On Thu, Jul 26, 2001 at 10:59:15AM +0900, Boo Geum Jung wrote:
> I'd like to attach Ethernet, Disk, CD and Floppy on sandpoint.
> I decide Intel 82559 Ethernet card.
> But I don't know what vendor or type is available on other devices.
> Whould you give any recommandation?

Unless you would like to write the pciide support for the Sandpoint,
your Disk and CD should be SCSI, and you should use one of the supported
SCSI controllers.  I have tested an old DPT adapter and an old Asus SC-200
adapter for SCSI.  I don't know about any others, but anything that
works on macppc should work on sandpoint.

I'm not sure about the floppy.  I have not yet picked up a working
floppy drive to test with the driver.  I don't use floppies much these
days...  ;-)


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