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Re: Introduction and partially bootable RISC-V64 kernel with QEMU

Hi Jeff,

On 18/06/2022 04:02, Jeff Frasca wrote:
Hi all!  This is my first message to a NetBSD mailing list.  I've been
lurking for a while.

I've been getting more into NetBSD in the last couple years, and I
also have been pretty excited about RISC-V.  Given its reputation for
being ultra-portable, I was surprised that it didn't already have a
mature port.  I've been poking at it off and on for about a year now,
and this spring, I decided to make a big push.

Thanks for the post.

I've also been (part time) working on risc-v and have a bunch of work
outside netbsd cvs.  I'll work on getting more of it into nbcvs and see
where there is no overlap in your work.


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