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alpha & pmax hardware for migrating from XFree86 to Xorg

Most NetBSD ports have moved across from the older XFree86 to Xorg for
native X11 support, but there are a number still using XFree, mainly
on older and less common hardware.

One case would be TURBOchannel based machines, which affects three ports:
- alpha. Xorg drivers have already been written for PCI based
machines, but the port cannot cut across due to the lack of Xorg
drivers for TC (I'm going to wave my hands about EISA)
- pmax. Pretty much all graphics hardware is TC via cards or onboard
- vax. The VS4000/60 & 90 had optional TC adaptors. Not common, but
there were some

Michael Lorenz <macallan1888%gmail.com@localhost> has written more than a few X
TURBOchannel for NetBSD, and has offered as time permits to look at
adding new or porting Xfree86 drivers to Xorg for TC based alpha &
pmax machines, but he lacks the hardware.

so... all we need would be people with spare (not overly large :) TC
machines and or graphics cards they would be willing to ship across to
him in eastern TN.

I would be more than happy to help with postage in some cases, as I'm
sure would others.

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