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NetBSD 8.0 hang on RS/6000 43p-150 (7043-150)

I realize (now…) that the 7043-150 isn’t in the supported systems list but I figured I’d give it a try. With an 8.0 release CD, the kernel starts but hangs in OpenPIC (transcribed, please forgive any errors):

	OpenPIC Version 1.1: Supports 4 CPUs and 16 interrupt sources.

Here’s a link to a screen shot:


The very latest ofppc daily ISO gives a similar result, with some stuff about preferring USB first. (This system doesn’t have USB, I can provide a complete inventory upon request, but other than having a 18GB couple drives, 512MB RAM, and a 4-port NIC, it’s a fairly stock 43p-150.)

I can put images on floppy and attempt to boot them if anyone wants to poke at it. I could also set up a system for building ofppc if people just want to propose tweaks for me to try either atop the netbsd-8 branch or current.

  — Chris

PS - Apologies if this shows up twice, it didn’t show up for me for a couple hours but other port-ofppc traffic has, so I’m resending.

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