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Re: Installing NetBSD 5.0 on MVME-147

--- On Tue, 7/14/09, Steve Woodford <scw%NetBSD.org@localhost> wrote:

> That's ok. NetBSD and 147Bug use different date Epochs.
> Once you have 
> NetBSD running with the correct date set, the TOD clock
> will contain 
> the correct time/date based on NetBSD's Epoch.

Ah. OK. That makes sense. 
> >  Mutex error: mutex_vector_enter: locking against
> myself
> Ugh. I recall seeing and fixing something similar on an
> mvme177 under 
> netbsd-current a few months ago. It was in code which
> should not have 
> affected a '147.

Another odd thing about this - when this happens, and the system reboots, it 
reports that the FPC failed the test. From the docs, it appears that the FPC 
test runs a routine from a particular memory location, so it's very possible 
this is getting stomped on by NetBSD. If you reset the machine with the switch, 
it'll pass the FPC test. Likewise, it passes the test at poweron.
> I suggest trying NetBSD-4 for now until I can reproduce and
> fix this bug 
> under 5.0/current.

I actually did try NetBSD 4.0.1. It crashed almost instantly with a VMEBus 
error. Which is odd, I'm almost positive that there is nothing wrong with the 
hardware. I did run the built in self-test (ST in the Diag monitor), and it 
passed everything. Also, the internal 280mb drive has a working NetBSD 1.2.1 
install on it from the previous owner. That boots and works fine.

For reference, this is an actual Motorola chassis, conatining the CPU board and 
it's transition module, as well as two other cards, a 332XT and a 333-2. (IIRC, 
I'll have to double check). Basically, they are just 8-port serial boards. The 
backplane jumpers are set properly for the cards to work in the slots they are 

Maybe I'll try removing the extra cards and jumpering out the slots. I 
definitely do want to get one of those cards to work though. Can't use both 
because I'm missing the cable for one of them, the VME bus ribbon cable that 
connects it to the transition module.

I'll try 4.0.


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