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Re: Reminder: bootable ISOs and official releases

> it has been pointed out that I should stress a point here again (after the
> 9.0 release) that most of you will remember, but new users might not:
>  - for macppc and mac68k the official release ISO images differ from those
>    created by "build.sh release iso-image" (and the daily builds)

I'm afraid NetBSD/macppc 9.0 ISO (actually GENERIC_MD kernel) won't boot,
as filed in PR/54916 (i.e. the kernel is too large).

> The official release ISOs should be bootable/usable according to the release
> notes for their architectures. This is not true for the daily builds or
> build.sh results: those lack the HFS-hybrid part and are plain ISO 9660
> file systems.
> We hope to solve this differences "some day", but it has not happened yet.

I hope someone[tm] will take over this:
 (we also need an option to handle permissions by mtree-specfile)

Izumi Tsutsui

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