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NetBSD/macppc quickstart

There's a couple of setup guides by other NetBSD devs[1][2] already but
here's mine.

I prefer to have a copy of OS X available on the system to address
something that may not be possible or not functioning from NetBSD,
quickly; but boot NetBSD by default.

1) Boot from OS X install disk
2) Run Disk utility
3) Partition the disk into 3 partitions.
   A) For OS X, 5GB is more than enough if you install bare minimum
   B) For NetBSD root
   C) For NetBSD swap
4) Install OS X
5) Copy ofwboot.xcf to / on OS X partition as well as netbsd-GENERIC.gz
(but rename to netbsd.gz)
6) Boot from NetBSD install CD
7) Drop to shell
8) Run pdisk /dev/wd0
9) Change the types for partitions B & C from from step 3 above to
Apple_UNIX_SVR2, using one for root & swap for the other.
10) install netbsd & when asked, used existing partitions
11) reboot & enter openfirmware by hold cmd option o f
12) Set environment to boot NetBSD by default
setenv boot-device hd:,\ofwboot.xcf
setenv boot-file netbsd.gz
setenv boot-command ." hello" cr " screen" output boot
13) save & reboot by issuing the command reset-all

The renaming of kernel may just be cosmetic, I've didn't test if setting
boot-file to a case sensitive name and case insensitive FS may present
issues but feel free to ommit the rename & setenv boot-file
netbsd-GENERIC.gz instead & report back if it works.

[1] https://schmonz.com/2006/06/29/installing-netbsd-on-powerpc-mac-mini/

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