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Re: Patches to fix building m68k with CPUFLAGS

On Mon, Jul 20, 2020 at 09:40:43AM +0200, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> Is there anything that prevents NetBSD from jumping to GCC-10?

Not in particular for m68k, but in general. We use a common gcc for all
architectures, and during periods of transition have provisions for one
old and one new version. Other setups are possible but cause more churn.
It is especially possible to build the whole system with an external
toolchain (e.g. a gcc 10 installed from pkgsrc), but this does not work for
the automatic official builds.

Moving from new ="gcc 8" to new="gcc 9" is in preparation, but it takes
quite some time usually. We have not yet switched all architectures over
to 8, since there still is fallout.

The "unssuported" argument does not buy us much, as support from upstream
is mostly zero unless a bug can be reproduced on linux with a current
gcc anyway (which is perfectly understandable from upstream's PoV, and also
usually still works great when there really is a code gen bug).


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