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Re: Future of hpcsh packages collection

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Hi there.

Having a central repository of binary packages for hpcsh sounds like a
great idea! It would be even better if we could have both a -current and
the latest 200?-Q? versions of packages, if (building) resources allow

I understand that certain (the majority of?) packages can't be
cross-compiled (otherwise there would be bulk-builds for the hpcsh too
and we wouldn't have this discussion). FWIW I have a Jornada 690 that I
don't carry around any more and which could be set up as a building
machine of sorts (the fact that I call this little fellow a "building
machine" makes my jiggle at least), with ssh access and all. I also
believe that there may be more people like me who could spare a cycle or
two on their hpcsh hardware for building ports for their peers. People
might jump at the idea of installing binary packages compiled by persons
not affiliated with the NetBSD Foundation, but then again this is
exactly the current situation with NetBSD/hpcsh.

Any thoughts on that?

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Comment: Nikos Ntarmos <ntarmos%ceid.upatras.gr@localhost>


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