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Re: Jornada keyboard layouts

On Thu, Apr 24, 2003 at 22:45:44 -0400, Robert Solomon wrote:

> Mines says F1262A. It is a 32MB US market? 680.

No 3-letter code?  (like ABA, ABU, ABB, ABF, ABD ...)

You can also check the code by doing a soft reset like this:

. press 's' or 'd' key and do a soft reset
. "System Diagnostic" window will come up after the reset
. press the "Build" button
. a "Time Stamp" dialog will come up with ROM info, it will say, e.g.

    Country: USA  ROM Option: ABA

It's that ROM option string that I'm interested in.

If it's ABA and your keyboard loooks like this:


then I already have the info ;).

But thanks for the offer anyway!

SY, Uwe
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