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Jornada 720 with 128MB RAM


My name ist Stefan, i like to upgrade my Jornada 720 to 128MB RAM.

I  soldered two Samsung K4S511632C-KC75 RAM Chips instead oft the two old 16MB ones on  to the RAM/ROM board. So the hardware part is done, the J720 boots fine into WinCE and with the hpcboot.exe into NetBSD. But as expected only with 32MB available.

I discovered that i can use the JORNADA728 kernel config file with - options     DRAM_PAGES=16384, to get 64MB shown in NetBSD and everything is fine.  But if I set this value to 32768 NetBSD wont boot.

With - options   DRAM_PAGES=24576 NetBSD boots, but stops with „panic: ubc_init: failed to map ubc_object“  - dmesg shows 98304KB total memory.

Is anybody out there who can help me with this issue?


You can find images oft he „hardware part“ here: http://www.sp-net.at/wiki/doku.php?id=jornada_j720:memory_upgrade



Stefan Lehner

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