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Re: Odd behavior in some terminal apps.

I issued the 'ulimit -s 8192' command from bash and it appeared to execute without error. I then launched emacs, but it still triggered a segment fault.

On July 10, 2017 3:55:15 AM EDT, Leonardo Taccari <leot%NetBSD.org@localhost> wrote:
Hello Wes,

Wes Fraizer writes:
I am getting segfaults from emacs25 and crashes on launch out of tmux on my Jornada 720 running NetBSD 7.1. I dont have any any of the X sets installed and I dont have X installed from pkgsrc im simply trying to run them from the terminal.

With emacs I dont think its running out of memmory or anything. Emacs reportedly can run on much less.

I have a sneaking suspicion that emacs and tmux both do not like my terminal somehow. The $TERM variable is set to wsvt25 which should be fine from what I gather.

Any suggestions or advice would be appreicated.

At least for Emacs, not sure if it can be that problem or not (I've
only had that problem on NetBSD/i386 7.1, but I've no access to
any hpcarm machines) but IMHO it's worth checking if it's affected
by pkg/49378 (it will require just few seconds!):


(for sh shells just `ulimit -s 8192' will do the trick, for csh ones
`limit stacksize 8192').

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