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Hint for a working wireless card

I am going to give my Jornada 728 a new life, but i fould that my wlan
card that silently served me with no problem under JLime GNU/Linux is
not recognized by NetBSD (5.0.1).
It's a Siemens sanctis, based on an Atmel chip.

I suppose, anyway, that i'll have to buy another card, so I am currently
interested in this card: http://salug.it/~manu/xircom.jpg

It seems to be a "XIRCOM 802.11B CWE1100" card.

My question is, does anybody know whether is it supported?
I read on the pcmcia man-page that it is, but i am not sure about te

Or, is there a way to make my Siemens Sanctis work?
This is the card... http://salug.it/~manu/sanctis.jpg

Thanks in advance...
Emanuele Santoro

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