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Re: HP Jornada 720 & hpcboot.exe

Sorted it out today..by accident!

If you copy hpcboot.exe onto the CF card as root user, Windows CE doesn't
recognise it. Do it as a regular user. The same goes for the kernel: untar
it as a regular user, not as root, or else you will get an error message
when you try to boot it.

Hope this will help anyone else out there who's struggling.

In closing, I'm very very pleased with this little handheld. So pleased in
fact, that I'm doing away with my netbook :drunk::drunk: A big thanks to
everyone who replied and everyone who tried to help!

curzon dax wrote:
> Hello, everyone! My girlfriend gave me a Jornada 720 in immaculate
> condition for my birthday this week, so naturally I decided to assimilate
> this baby into my collective straight away :drunk:
> Cross compiling a release (NetBSD-release-5-0) returned no errors, and I
> followed the instructions on the NetBSD wiki to get it installed on a
> CF-card. However, when I click on hpcboot.exe, Windows CE returns an error
> message, stating that hpcboot.exe is not a valid Windows CE application.
> I've subsequently grabbed different variations of this file (i.e. from the
> netbsd ftp site, both 4.0 and 5.0 branches and even the .uue encoded file
> from CVS), but no joy so far. Jlinexec runs fine, so I'm assuming it's not
> a hardware problem, but rather human error on my part or a rogue
> hpcboot.exe file   :,(
> Has anyone else come across this problem or does anyone know how to fix
> it? I'd really like to be able play with my present!!!

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