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Re: Questions about NetBSD on Jornada 720

On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 20:58:23 +0100, Hauke Fath wrote:

> At 16:39 Uhr +0100 25.11.2008, Alexander Frolkin wrote:
> >The most annoying is that the system freezes when it tries to fsck the
> >CF card, forcing me to do a hard reset by removing the batteries.  That
> >is, it freezes most of the time, but if you keep on trying, it will do
> >it eventually.  Is this just because it's a cheap CF card (Kingston P/N
> >CF/2GB) or does the problem lie elsewhere?
> The former, I think. I saw the same issues until I switched to a sandisk
> card. Some CF cards are more equal than others, it seems.

I once bought a 1GB Kingston CF card that my LOOX 720 (with WinCE)
just refused to recognize at all.  Surprisingly my Jornada 690 was ok
with it though I didn't really exercised it under any load.  I
returned the card anyway.  OTOH, my experience with Transcend so far
has been very positive.

SY, Uwe
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