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Questions about NetBSD on Jornada 720


I've just got myself a Jornada 720.  I have a couple of

The most annoying is that the system freezes when it tries to fsck the
CF card, forcing me to do a hard reset by removing the batteries.  That
is, it freezes most of the time, but if you keep on trying, it will do
it eventually.  Is this just because it's a cheap CF card (Kingston P/N
CF/2GB) or does the problem lie elsewhere?

I've searched around but I couldn't find anything about this: is there
really no way to change the screen brightness from NetBSD?  One page
mentioned wsconsctl, but wsconsctl -a doesn't list anything appropriate.

I've tried compiling a kernel with the bt3c(4) driver with the patch from 


It compiles, sees the card when I insert it, but btconfig reports an
address of all zeros and when I try to run /etc/rc.d/btconfig the
kernel panics (I don't have a backtrace to hand, but I can get it if
necessary).  I can't find any evidence of progress being made with this.
Is there any way I can help (short of hacking the kernel, which I'm
sadly not capable of)?

Lastly, the machine is building packages as I write.  Would there be any
interest in me making the packages available?  I've built some which
don't seem to appear on the FTP servers (e.g., xpdf).



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