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Re: Error trying to build userland for Jornada 728

Klaus Heinz(e)k dio:
J. Vicente Carrasco -Bixen-  wrote:

I've been lurking in current-users archive, but I'm not sure what I'm looking for. In fact, an error in something with a name like "/usr/src/sys/kern/sys_generic.c" must be so big that has an "HEADS-UP" on it, or any silly thing that stops a guy that, like me, can't read C code.

#      link  cd9660fs/cd9660fs

If you look again into the archive of current-users you will see some
messages from 2008-03-22/23 with subject

  "Build error - cd9660fs (problem in librump?)"

which describe the same error you have. I suppose this will be fixed soon.

Fixed :-)

I've build the distribution and I have it in the CF. So, I did put the hpcboot.exe and netbsd files in the MSDOS filesystem and installed the distribution in the ffs one.

I think that the boot process gets freezed, a minute wating with no interaction with the machine (from keyboard or pencil) is enough.

This is the content of my last bootlog.txt file, but I've tried with "HP Jornada 720 [(European)|(US/UK)|(Spanish)] and just the same.

Thank you very much for your time.

[progress] 0
[progress] 1
ARM architecture.
MemoryManager: LockPages
FileManager: FAT
hpcboot build number: 14
HP Jornada 720 (Japanese) (cpu=0x0c108000 machine=0x02c20202)
[progress] 2
[0] 0xc0000000 size 0x08000000
[1] 0xc8000000 size 0x08000000
[2] 0xd0000000 size 0x08000000
[3] 0xd8000000 size 0x08000000
_WIN32_WCE = 211
Windows CE 3.0
wProcessorArchitecture      0x5
wProcessorLevel             0x4
wProcessorRevision          0x9
dwPageSize                  0x1000
dwAllocationGranularity     0x00010000
dwProcessorType             0xa11
Display: 640x240 16bpp
Reg0 :6901b119
Reg1 :c002327f
Reg2 :c002327f
Reg3 :00000001
Reg5 :c0023007
Reg6 :01f90008
CPSR :2000001f
[progress] 3
[progress] 4
open file "\Storage Card\netbsd"(3858664 byte).
[progress] 5
Loader: ELF
[progress] 6
file size: 0x2ec3ec+0xc114+[ksyms: header 0x5d0, symtab 0x5e850, strtab 0x32418 = 0x91238]+[extra: 0x4fb0] = 0x3901e8 bytes
address translation table 928 pages. (0x1d00 bytes)
allocated 928 page. mapped 928 page.
[progress] 7
2nd bootloader vaddr=0x0043f000 paddr=0xc3d05000
2nd bootloader copy done.
[progress] 8
seg[0] vaddr 0xc0040000 file size 0x2ec3ec mem size 0x2ec3ec
        ->load 0xc0040000+0x002ec3ec=0xc032c3ec ofs=0x00008000+0x2ec3ec
seg[1] vaddr 0xc0334400 file size 0xc114 mem size 0x76c80
        ->load 0xc0334400+0x00076c80=0xc03ab080 ofs=0x002f4400+0xc114
        ->zero 0xc0340514+0x0006ab6c=0xc03ab080
        ->load 0xc03ab080+0x000005d0=0xc03ab650
        ->load 0xc03ab650+0x0005e850=0xc0409ea0 ofs=0x0031d480+0x5e850
        ->load 0xc0409ea0+0x00032418=0xc043c2b8 ofs=0x0037bcd0+0x32418
[progress] 9
load link 912, zero clear link 1
kernel entry address: 0xc0040000
framebuffer: 640x240 type=5 linebytes=1280 addr=0x48200000
console = 1
[progress] 10

       J. Vicente Carrasco -- Bixen
  carvay at [tikismikis.org | es.FreeBSD.org]
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