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Re: Error trying to build userland for Jornada 728

J. Vicente Carrasco -Bixen-  wrote:

> I've been lurking in current-users archive, but I'm not sure what I'm 
> looking for. In fact, an error in something with a name like 
> "/usr/src/sys/kern/sys_generic.c" must be so big that has an "HEADS-UP" 
> on it, or any silly thing that stops a guy that, like me, can't read C code.

> #      link  cd9660fs/cd9660fs

If you look again into the archive of current-users you will see some
messages from 2008-03-22/23 with subject

  "Build error - cd9660fs (problem in librump?)"

which describe the same error you have. I suppose this will be fixed soon.


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