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Re: More hpcboot memory/ELF loading errors?

In a state of confusion, I asserted thusly:
> Rafal Boni wrote:
> >Folks:
> >     I've been having a lot of trouble getting hpcboot to correctly
> >     load/boot much of anything on my iPAQ, and the symptoms look very
> >     much like the bug Uwe fixed about 2 years ago... looks like I'm
> >     running out of memory in the currently allocated region(s) and
> >     some page is either leaked into or overwritten because it's been
> >     handed out more than once.
> My latest attempt has tossed the guard pages out the window and made the 
> ELF symbol-loading machinery return better (read: more conservative) 
> estimates of amount of memory required to load the symbols.

Actually, this was all highly un-necessary voodoo....

My biggest problem was that I had enabled the serial-port debug code in the
2nd-stage bootloader, which was causing all the havoc by making the stack
grow up rather than down when it attempted to preserve the two registers it
trashed... D'oh!  As you might imagine, that doesn't work so well when you
set the initial stack pointer to just below the bootinfo page.

Just pretend you didn't see any of the patches I sent ;)... I'll report here
again if I find more/other problems.

Sorry for all the noise,

  Time is an illusion; lunchtime, doubly so.     |/\/\|           Rafal Boni
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