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Re: More hpcboot memory/ELF loading errors?

Valeriy E. Ushakov wrote:
@@ -135,8 +131,9 @@ ElfLoader::memorySize()
        if (symblk_sz) {
                sz += symblk_sz;
                DPRINTF((TEXT(" = 0x%x]"), symblk_sz));
-               // XXX: compensate for partial tags after ELF header and symtab
-               extra += 2 * _mem->getTaggedPageSize();
+               // XXX: compensate for partial tags after ELF header, symtab
+               // and strtab
+               extra += 3 * _mem->getTaggedPageSize();

Does it work for you with this hunk alone?

Only sometimes; it worked loading a ~ 2.8MB kernel once, but then it died in the same 'entrypoint gets overwritten' way loading my little 16K test executable. With the whole mess of changes I haven't had a failure yet (both booting real kernels and booting my test executable).


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