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Re: NetBSD/hp300 9.0 on hp425t

> Excellent news!


I've also upgrade my 425e to NetBSD/hp300 9.0:

It looks the RAMDISK kernel has some problem that
it causes "intr_dispatch: stray level 1 interrupt" messages
when any key is typed during bootloader.
(maybe it was triggered by unconfigured mouse?)

I'll take a look later.

> One thing I learned was that I had to set up bootp on the server,
> NetBSD didn't use Sun-style bootparams like the netboot documentation
> suggested.

To use Sun's rarpd+bootparams settings, "options NFS_BOOT_BOOTPARAM"
is necessary.  But unlike Sun machines all HP9000 machine BOOT ROM
require own rbootd(8) so using bootparams for kernels has less merit.

The default "options NFS_BOOT_BOOTP" is still useful because
modern DHCP is uppercompatible with it and we can use dhcpd(8) as
its bootp server with the following "fixed-address" settings
in /etc/dhcpd.conf:

host hp425t {
  hardware ethernet 08:00:09:27:86:a7;
  fixed-address hp425t;
  server-name "mirage";
  option root-path "/r/export/NetBSD/hp300/root";

Izumi Tsutsui

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