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native build....

Hi All

For those of you wondering about the status of -current on NetBSD/hp300, 
I'm happy to report that -current as of a couple weeks ago was able to 
build itself:

===> Summary of results:
         build.sh command: ./build.sh -U -u -o -m hp300 -V 
MAKECONF=/u1/builds/mk.conf -D /u1/build/a/install -R /u1/build/a/release -T 
/u1/build/a/tools release
         build.sh started: Sat Jul  5 20:07:28 UTC 2008
         NetBSD version:   4.99.69
         MACHINE:          hp300
         MACHINE_ARCH:     m68k
         Build platform:   NetBSD 4.99.69 hp300
         HOST_SH:          /bin/sh
         TOOLDIR path:     /u1/build/a/tools
         DESTDIR path:     /u1/build/a/install
         RELEASEDIR path:  /u1/build/a/release
         makewrapper:      /u1/build/a/tools/bin/nbmake-hp300
         Updated /u1/build/a/tools/bin/nbmake-hp300
         Successful make release
         build.sh ended:   Thu Jul 17 11:01:31 UTC 2008
===> .

The build was done with everything (including /) on NFS.  As an added 
bonus, the machine is now running using the kernel and the userland it 
built :) 


Greg Oster

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