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Re: Booting NetBSD/dreamcast with GDEMU

On Tue, 4 Apr 2023, Vivianne Ombretta wrote:

A couple years ago, someone posted asking about how to boot a NetBSD CD on a Dreamcast with a GDEMU installed (an optical drive emulator).

I've successfully booted it on my Dreamcast with a GDEMU by taking the generated `data.raw` generated by `dc-burn-netbsd` and converting it to a cdi with cdi4dc (https://github.com/Kazade/img4dc).


By the way, are the kernels compiled with mouse support by default now or no? Thanks.


Looks like it is. I see this in the GENERIC conf:

	mms*		at maple? port ? subunit ?
	wsmouse*	at mms? mux 0

But it's pretty limited because I still have not seen X actually working
on NetBSD/dreamcast.


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