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Re: How to use NetBSD with GDEMU?

On 8/10/21 6:46 PM, Retro64XYZ wrote:
> I have downloaded the ISO for NetBSD but when trying to use it in
> combination with the GDEMU it says it is unsupported. Would it be
> possible to provide instructions on how to use Linux/NetBSD to create
> a gdi or cdi image file for use with the GDEMU for Dreamcast?
> GDEMU is an SDcard replacement for the GD drive for the Dreamcast.

You'll have to convert the ISO to either a CDI or a GDI file for it to
work with the GDEMU. The NetBSD ISO won't work as-is, and it may not be
possible for TNF to ship a working ISO due to a licensing issue[1].
It's been a long time since I did so, but I know it's possible. If I
recall correctly, you need to "scramble" a kernel(+memory disk?) using
dc-tools[2] then use a separate utility to create the CDI file. I recall
I used a Windows utility to see if it would work, and it did! I just
can't recall which utility.
I made an unoptimized proof-of-concept CDI file[3] a long time ago from
NetBSD 7.1 that I still have. It worked, but then I moved on to mainly
using the LAN adapter along with Marcus Comstedt's IP Upload Slave[4]
(which I also converted to CDI[5].) I also recall trying a tool called
GDIbuilder[5] without much success, but I may have just been "holding it

I hope that helps point you in a general direction,

[2] https://pkgsrc.se/sysutils/dc-tools
[3] https://travispaul.me/distfiles/netbsd_test_7.1.cdi.xz
[4] https://mc.pp.se/dc/ipslave.html
[5] https://travispaul.me/distfiles/ip_slave.cdi.xz
[6] https://github.com/Sappharad/GDIbuilder

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