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Re: RPI02W wifi driver?

> Patrick wrote:
> > e.g., edit kernel
> >   cd /usr/src
> >   sh build.sh -m evbarm -a earmv6hf -j8 tools kernel=KERNEL
> Dave Tyson's email shows the 02W is 64 bit - the above is for the OW, so
> should be changed
>     sh build.sh -m evbarm -a aarch64 -j8 tools kernel=KERNEL.

I have been installing the 32-bit builds for the 02W, which appear as
ELF 32-bit LSB executable/earmv7hf. No reason I can't try a 64-bit
kernel (I should, for more complete testing).

Robert Swindells wrote:
>  ... dts files in NetBSD are just a snapshot of the Linux ones, currently from 5.15, we should import a newer snapshot...

I can open a PR, if I know more about sources "upstream." My first
searches have not located specific repositories to tap.


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