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Re: missing timer in dts: how to deal ?

Manuel Bouyer <bouyer%antioche.eu.org@localhost> wrote:
>On Fri, May 05, 2023 at 12:14:01PM +0100, Robert Swindells wrote:
>> The way to "patch" a device tree is to put files in sys/arch/arm/dts,
>> they will be used before the ones in sys/external.
> Thanks, I tried this.
> Unfortunably, although this seems to work for final (.dts) files, it doesn't
> seem to work for inclued (.dtsi) ones.
> I put my modified imx6sx.dtsi in sys/arch/arm/dts and unpatched the one
> in sys/external/glp2/dts, and the resulting imx6sx-udoo-neo-full.dtb doesn't
> have the twd entry.
> Patching every .dts using imx6sx.dtsi doesn't seems the way to go (there is
> at last 10 of them).

Maybe look at rk3399-crypto.dtsi and how it is used by other .dts files
in sys/arch/arm/dts.

Create a imx6sx-twd.dtsi that just contains your new timer node, then a
.dts file for your board that includes imx6sx-twd.dtsi and the original
board .dts from sys/external.

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