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Re: Which ARM SBC would work well with NetBSD?

I have good experience with PoE powered Banana BPI-P2 Zero. It's not much of your choice, but all base functions like USB, OTG, eMMC works, so I guess you can use any of Banana types. Not used HDMI port but I can try it and share.

On 05.03.2023 10:52, Mayuresh wrote:
I am in need of an SBC - like the raspberry pi. Ethernet, analog speaker
output and 2/3 USB ports (2.0 will do) is the requirement. RAM 1G should
suffice. HDMI output only for configuration and setup. Wifi not required.

I am using one each of RPI2,3,4 for different purposes, RPI2 running
NetBSD and RPI3,4 running Raspbian.

For a new requirement I can either use one of the RPI models or look for
others like orange pi, nano pi, banana pi and so on - more out of

Feedback on any of the low cost SBC devices that you may be using
successfully with NetBSD will be of great help. Please do share.

Dima Veselov
Physics R&D Establishment of Saint-Petersburg University

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