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Re: install binary and pkgsrc

I don't think v4 and v5 binaries are guaranteed to run correctly on v6 hardware. If I remember correctly, v6 is the first ARM architecture to add support for multi-core CPUs with CPU instructions to allow mutexes and semaphores.

Most v4 programs will work fine though.

I don't think our pkgsrc archives are configured in a way that to support the complexity of the ARM port. We really could do with builds for each of v4, v5 and v6.


On 4/03/23 12:28, Mori Hiroki wrote:

Now head binary is only v5 above.


But pkgsrc is v6 above. v4 have no 10 files.


I think arm is v4 is common arch. I want use v4 pkgsrc.


Hiroki Mori

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