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Re: Increasing amount of cached (unflushed/un-invalidated) file pages causing kernel panics

fgsdfg4t534tf3%onet.pl@localhost (Marcin Kaminski) writes:

>I'm wondering what is the default value of kern.maxvnodes based on, as I've=
> noticed, it varies from one board to another.

It is based on the MAXUSERS value (a kernel constant) but scaled up
according to memory size.

>Nonetheless one issue persists. Kernel panic

>[ 781.6927155] panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "len <=3D buflen" failed:=
> file "/.../usr/src/sys/kern/uipc_mbuf.c", line 1822 =
>[ 781.6927155] fp ffffc000b015fa80 vpanic() at ffffc0000056a4dc netbsd:vpan=
>[ 781.7027167] fp ffffc000b015fae0 kern_assert() at ffffc000007cade8 netbsd=
>[ 781.7027167] fp ffffc000b015fb70 m_align() at ffffc00000598f44 netbsd:m_a=
>[ 781.7027167] fp ffffc000b015fba0 m_split_internal() at ffffc00000599e48 n=
>[ 781.7127197] fp ffffc000b015fbf0 nfsrv_getstream() at ffffc000004713fc ne=
>[ 781.7127197] fp ffffc000b015fc40 nfsrv_rcv() at ffffc000004716e8 netbsd:n=

That looks like a bug in the NFS server code, not sure how that could
be related to memory usage. The panic is triggered by receiving an NFS

What is the NFS client ?

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